What is a violation?

  • A violation occurs when the device initiates a sample and one is not provided within 3 minutes or the device detects alcohol higher than 0.02%.
  • The device record everything from when the car is started, running, and every initiated sample.
  • In the case the device reads alcohol while the car is running or sample is not given when the interlock initiates it, the interlock will beep and suggest you pull over and stop the vehicle. You will be able to start the vehicle back up once a proper and clean sample is given but you will be in lock out mode.
  • Lock out mode is when the device deems it necessary to bring it in for service within 5 days for re-calibration and download of the interlock memory. A $55 lockout fee will be issued at that time.

What if the vehicle stalls?

  • You have 2 minutes that the vehicle can be off and be turned back on without having to provide a sample.

Will the required “running re-test” cause me to take my eyes off the road creating a hazardous situation?

  • No, when the interlock prompts for a running retest, you will have 3 minutes to provide a sample or you can pull over to the side of the road in a safe area to provide a breath sample. There are no buttons you have to push; you must only breathe into the unit to complete a breath sample.

How often does the interlock device need to be serviced?

  • We will send out a reminder a few days prior to your service date every 60 days. If you are unable to make it in on  or before your 60 days is up, the device will initiate a 7 day grace period to give you a little extra time to bring it in.